IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o.

Developer C++ Linux Kubernetes

Developer C++ Linux Kubernetes 

  • Minimum 2 years of C++ programming in DevOps Linux
  • Experience of work with Kubernetes CRD, OpenStack, OpenShift, clouds
  • Knowledge of distributed systems concepts, container technology, Kubernetes, microservices and cloud stack
  • Strong knowledge of open source Linux ecosystem, PostgreSQL, networking technologies and protocols, security and testing methods
  • Ability to plan your working hours, quickly understand the assigned tasks, independently describe the problem in detail, plan unit tests before coding
  • Analytical mind, responsibility, high quality of code
  • Ability to self-organize in remote work, cooperative spirit of team work to achieve high quality software products and performance


  • Remote. Work from anywhere.
  • Flexible working hours, we give you the opportunity to work at your own discretion according to your lifestyle and current family situation,
  • The ability to work from home without the need to commute to the office every day (traffic jams, time loss, Covid, etc.),
  • Interesting, evolving challenging future-oriented project implementing AI-Digital Twins,   
  • Support for our new employees at the beginning of their employment to join the team and integrate quickly,
  • Place of residence doesn't matter, 
  • Working languages: Russian + English or Russian + German, 
  • The starting salary is based on actual qualifications and demonstration of these skills, with further development in the future,
  • Remuneration depending on the level of qualification and contribution to the release of new quality system releases,
  • Full-time. Also willing to take a person with a disability. 


  • Help development teams build cloud-based microservices in kubernetes productively and quickly, 
  • Maintain and configure environments and infrastructure,
  • Assist in finding causes of malfunctions and ways to fix them,
  • Handle bugs, glitchtracking, interact with developers,
  • Document improvements and changes to the infrastructure,
  • Report potentially unsafe or weak parts of applications to developers and pursue fixes.

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