IMC.SK: Company Strategy

    The company strategy is to assist management of public organisations and private enterprises in effective application of novel AI- and data-driven Intelligent Digital Twin technologies in their daily routine operations.

    The core of our work is to define and develop the comprehensive knowledgebase models of the target complex Bio-Physical Cyber Systems that effectively represents the operation of the actual system that nowadays exists in the interlinked physical and virtual worlds.  When such model implemented, linked to the necessary data sources and tested running in cloud or enterprise edge computing it becomes the replica of the relevant real world complex System of Systems or its Digital Twin transforming heterogeneous big data into various monitoring, analytics and controls to assist managers, operators and other users in effective and sustainable system operation.   

    In addition, our team develops mobile apps that enables end users to communicate with their AI-Digital Twins in multimodal human-type interfaces i.e. conversational AI in natural languages and rich analytics presented in charts, graphs, tables, GIS maps, avatars, diagrams, pictures, animations, and video.  

    The domains which we focus in these innovation solution applications are Healthcare and Industrial manufacturing. 



    We invite business partners to explore these new business opportunities as well as jon us in addessing the new calls for proposals financed by EU Horizon Europe and other grants. Contact us for further details and defining your innovation projects!