IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o.

Company Strategy

We address new challenges with the solutions that are

  • Open to updating, modifications and customization with minimum efforts and costs (changes in infrastructure, people, technologies, responsibilities, regulations, standards, data sources, etc)  
  • Cost-effective minimizing the upfront costs and keeping the running costs well beyond the implementation benefits
  • Provide full control over the security and data by the owners and management
  • Automate of large number of non-productive tasks related to data collection and processing
  • Realise interoperability and scalability   

The company strategy is to shift from centralized legacy data management having high transaction costs and issues of integration and interoperability to new decentralized AI-, Big Data and Blockchain- driven tailor-made solutions.

We invite business partners to explore these new business opportunities as well as jon us in addessing the new calls for proposals financed by EU Horizon 2020 and other grants.