BRAINE: Use Case Healthcare Assisted Living

Big data pRocessing and Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge

The BRAINE project aims to boost the development of the Edge framework and specifically energy-efficient hardware and  AI-empowered software systems,  capable of processing  Big Data at the  Edge, performing AI functions, supporting security, data privacy and sovereignty.

By  evaluating  multiple  real-world  use  cases  and  scenarios BRAINE will test  and demonstrate the effectiveness and generality of its approach to Edge computing, the innovative  computing  architectures for  embedded  and  autonomous  operation with  an emphasis  on  AI-assisted  functions and 
required scalability, security, efficiency, agility, and flexibility concerns.

The project has chosen four real-life use cases to integrate the capabilities of the complete value chain: Healthcare  Assisted  Living / Smart Hospital; Hyperconnected Smart City; Robotics in  Industry  4.0  Factory; Supply Chain Industry 4.0 in SC² SemiConductor.

In the BRAINE IMC.SK leads the Use Case 1 “Healthcare  Assisted  Living / Smart Hospital.” 



Developing an assisted living / remote healthcare platform that complements and stretches the practical implementation of Smart Hospital and Smart Caregiving by enabling access to all data streams provided by various heterogeneous medical IoT, diagnostic systems and wearables in patient homes/rooms in hospital/healthcare/caregiving centres via common connectivity networks (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Mesh). 

The BRAINE EMDC platform with Healthcare Assisted Living software will be an intelligent medical services platform that is more advanced, secure, safe, reliable, GDPR compliant and a home-based cost-effective solution for a wide range of healthcare, caregiving, health insurance organisations and various patients in the EU.  

The following  impact objectives related to the IMCs long term strategic goals: 

  • Develop systemic solution as a supplementary part of perspective Healthcare Assisted Living, Smart Hospital and Smart Caregiving ecosystem effectively enabling most efficient medical diagnostics methods empowered by ML to achieve AI-driven high accuracy of automatic health condition prediction;
  • Make open, user-friendly adaptation to accommodate changes in HW, connectivity, centralised medical systems APIs and protocols with minimum efforts, costs and timing;  
  • Make it secure, safe, reliable, and answering to the requirements of GDPR effectively incorporating DLT; Achieve the level of cost-effectiveness that is acceptable for a wide range of healthcare and caregiving and health insurance organisations and various patients in EU especially in its Eastern and Southern parts;  
  • Test and certify the implementation in relevant national healthcare institutions.



Start date: 05/2020
Duration: 36
Participating organisation: 27
Number of countries: 14
Project website:

The project co-funded by  ECSEL Joint Undertaking, and Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.