IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o.

Scope of Work

Our company implements various custom projects for the industrial customers interested in improving their capacity to manage their big and complex operational systems with principally new digital transformation technology applying advanced methods of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT. 

The core of the work is to define and develop the comprehensive model of the target Big Cyber-Bio-Physical System that effectively represents the operation of the actual system that exists in the physical world.  When done and tested, such model set to run in cloud or enterprise fog as the replica of the relevant big system or its Virtual Twin transforming heterogeneous big data into various monitoring, analytics and controls to be used by managers, operators and other users for effective and sustainable system operation.   

The main industrial areas for these novel solution applicaitons are Healthcare and Industrual manufacturing  management. 

Our work consist of the following main steps

  1. Analysis of the customer requirements and operations 
  2. Planning and formulation of the big system model including its objects’ structure, optional statuses, KPIs, data sources, and linkages to other systems  
  3. Developing the model and it testing using the fabricated data representing actual processes
  4. Setting the Virtual Twin and its interactions with different users in the groups required by the customer  
  5. Demonstration of the application to the customer for obtaining the evaluation, feedback
  6. Introduction of the necessary improvements into the Virtual Twin and its interactions with the users (monitoring dashboards, reports, widgets, 2D/3D, AR/VR, events, etc)
  7. Implementation of the system at the customer premises, its linking to data sources and systems, setting the user apps
  8. Training and demonstration
  9. Post project customer support    

The cost-effective yet highly powerful innovation solutions integrate IoT, AI-and Big Data components into real time Virtual Twins as the custom replicas or application models of the relevant target Big Systems of Systems running at the novel IoT technology platform PharosN. Linked to multiple data sources such as IoT, sensors, databases, automated systems and mobiles, and running in cloud or fog computing, each such Virtual Twin transforms the big data into interactive real time information assisting operators and users in holistic management of their big application systems.  

We support and provide learning and training for business partners and customers.

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