IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o.


IMC.SK multidisciplinary team includes experienced managers and high-quality professionals in IT, bioinformatics, systems modelling, medical data sciences, ML and mathematics, software/web design, programming, industrial engineering, training.

In its software systems and solutions IMC.SK uses only FOSS components that allow decreasing the costs of its products for end users in healthcare industries and contribute to the OS developments. 

Company management

Elena Petrova, (female), MSc, has professional and innovation interests focused in the field of Healthcare and Digital Society. As manager of the company multidisciplinary team, she leads the IMS.SK innovation into new application areas and novel services for eHealth and mHealth industries. Ms Petrova has more than 15 years of the entrepreneurial experience and good analytical skills enabling her to see the bigger picture of digital society and the evolving digital economy. She successfully takes part in the coordination and implementation of some Horizon 2020 projects.

Sergey Pikuz (male), PhD and MSc in Physics, is the lead researcher for the advanced smart measurement methods and sensoring instrumentation coupled with a novel IT-platforms. He is experienced in the development, testing and implementation of precise diagnostics equipment for basic science and technology. Sergey participates in a wide international collaboration of most advanced research institutions from EU, USA, Japan and Russia aimed to study and develop novel concepts in energy generation, distribution and laser technology applications and measurement methods. He is a representative at several European-based research associations and users' consortiums at large-scale EU research infrastructure facilities such as COST initiative for Inertial Confinement Fusion, European XFEL HIBEF consortium, European Task Force for Laboratory Astrophysics. He has been involved in the company platform RDI since 2011 and took an active part in the concept and methodology developments.

Vyacheslav Getmantsev (male) has bachelor and master degrees of Applied Mathematics. Main responsibilities include interface design and usability, implementation of key elements of the web interfaces, implementation of communication protocol and testing. Vyacheslav has over 7 years of experience in Front-end development and is the expert in the formulation of requirements and functional design. He has in-depth experience in Object-oriented analysis, design and programming applied to Front-end development, common design patterns in creating cross-platform and cross-browser web applications, as well as applications for mobile devices. Vyacheslav has expert knowledge and skills in various JavaScript frameworks, he is familiar with Test-driven development and development based on functioning, systems for asynchronous modules and batch managers.