IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o.

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Business Information

The  company IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o.
was established in 2004 year with objectives to provide consulting services for businesses in industrial management along with relevant enterprise information systems development.

Based on the achievements and experience the company focuses on innovative solutions enabling implementation of integrated information platforms for Smart Cities and Communities and Smart Enterprises Industry 4.0. 

These application areas Smart City and Industry 4.0 may look unrelated to each other from the first sight. However, in reality, both are mutually connected and interdependent, has an increasing number of smart components, internet of things, shared resources and overlapping needs. The cities without small and medium sized businesses can not prosper and be sustainable. At the same time, businesses require livable vibrant cities with high quality of  life and effective economic developments.

IMC Slovakia developed the unique integrated information solutions answering the needs of  the cities and businesses. It is ongoing project opening new possibilities in making simple and transparent models of processes in businesses and urban life.  Our solutions  support easy adapting of the models to ongoing changes, enabling the introduction of our client's innovations and implementation of new ideas.

They address  the growing need for real-time information about ongoing processes  changing the lives and its quality in small and medium size cities in Europe and worldwide. The rich digital services and mobile applications enabled by the Smart City solutions provided by IMC Slovakia foster economic development, sustainability, participation, transparency of urban life while decreasing administrative overhead and costs.

The enterprise solutions address the needs of making quickly changing business life transparent, decrease its complexity and improve capacity for easy management. Faced with increased instabilities, changing market demand, requirements for high quality of products and services under decreased profit margins and  new Industry 4.0 trends for Smart Everything and Internet of Things the entrepreneurs receive new powerful cost-effective instruments to meet the challenges and adapt.
We invite business partners to explore these new business opportunities by assisting the solution promotion and implementation for management in urban areas and businesses.